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Elmer R. de Haas (1969)

Dutch commercial director / artist / photographer is also founder of Blacktip Productions, based in Amsterdam. ​


He now divides his time between San Pantaleo, Sardegna, and his home town Amsterdam.


​While Blacktip Productions focus on commercials and film-making, Elmer's photography and sculptures depicts moments in time, both fleeting and expansive, observant and intimate.


In San Pantaleo he takes Wet Plate Collodion portraits - an old style technique from the 1850's - ,
and continue working on his goldleaf touched sculptures.

In Amsterdam he is still available for commissioned jobs in the field of photography and directing.

His work is often characterized as  “work that embodies great emotional depth, with a sensitive eye for composition and storytelling”.

Elmer's uncommissioned work is collected by a growing international clientele in Amsterdam, Zurich, Berlin and London. At present he exhibits in his own studios in Amsterdam and San Pantaleo.

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