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Next to my photoghraphy projects, I recently started to work with bones and skulls. Not only are these items subject to my wet plate collodion photgraphy, but also for me creating sculptures. With great respect for the beauty of nature I combine these items with 24 carat goldleaf.


To answer my great need to create, I am still working on my screenplay " Day for Night ". A story about the journey of a man. A soul search which leads to the transformation of his burden into his gift.  Seen from the present, the past and the future.

The works on the screenplay and my sculptures, perfectly combines with my other projects. Now I am collaborating with Gérard van Tiggelen to artistically  capture his construction and building sites during their transformation into office buildings with a special character. Our collaboration on earlier and similair projects, resulted in the coffee table book "SummerBreeze" and and the magazine "Casa Blanca".


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